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About US


About Us

Zelman Events are highly qualified in lighting, sound and events. We are an company that specialises in lighting and sound, which we give our customers the best they could get for the price. We have customisable light shows and a wide range of professional, specialist light to suit and make your event stand out and get noticed. We have everything you need to have a fantastic time and get your event noticed. State of the art technology sums up Zelman Events as we provide the best of quality for our customers. 

Zelman events have been in the event business for over 5 years and with our expertise, we can give you a night to remember. Zelman Events can customise your event to the fullest, from unique sets, lighting and management we assure you that your night is one to remember. 

For a great night, management and entertainment, call us now to book your next adventure with Zelman Events.

We provide a number of services including: 

  •  DJ 
  •  Lighting and Production 
  •  Event Services
  •  Sound
  •  Management
  •  Entertainment
  •  Other Services that you may need
  •  And so much More!